The Green Ingredient

A healthy way of eating

Our In-house Nutrition Expert

Jacqueline Cordova - Jackie -, has the mission of creating public awareness of the significant role diet plays on our overall health using The Green Ingredient restaurant as the means to inspire people through food flavors and education. Jackie, through a life changing nutrition story, has helped many people change their lives using the power of real food. Figuring out her own child’s food allergies and changing his diet has made a huge difference in his health and behavior. She has helped moms with meals and snack ideas from all the research and experience through her own family.

Jackie truly believes in the power of real food to heal illness and create vibrant health. She relies on her life experience and knowledge to develop nutritional solutions for complex health issues. Clients appreciate Jackie’s dedication, research and deep understanding of nutrition, because each person is unique and Jackie keeps that in mind all the time. For most people nutrition is complex, especially when it comes to meals: Where to begin? But in reality, learning to eat in BALANCE should be simple, and Jackie makes it really simple to think outside of the box, and thus making it an easy and slow transition into healthy lifestyle habits.

I am a firm believer in the power of food to heal people. I saw it through my best friend and see it every day through the people I help. I use empathy and research along with excitement to motivate you to make changes that will help you achieve good health.

Her studies are Nutritional Health Coach through the Institute of Integrated Nutrition and a Raw Foods Educator through the Living Foods Institute. She has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems where she has obtained her knowledge and years of experience in research.

Jackie addresses nutrition misconceptions and myths on through workshops, talks, and events, discussing healthy eating tips and sharing up-to-date nutrition information with a realistic approach for wellness and disease prevention. She has been a guest speaker for the Rio Grande Cancer Foundation, Wise Latina International and El Paso Museum of History to mention just a few. She has done nutrition classes at private schools where she engages the children into trying out new and delicious foods. She has participated in nutrition round tables at the University of El Paso, and has been a guest on several local TV shows including children’s programs like Blast Beyond. Her goal is to help in whichever way possible to bring awareness to families of a healthier lifestyle by giving them the proper tools needed to make wiser choices and hopefully be disease free.